Insiders Talk: Winning with Lobbyists (Spring 2018)
Professional Edition

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Overview of Lobbying
Chapter 2. Determining Your Level of Need for Contract Lobbying Services
Chapter 3. Understanding Contract Lobbyists
Chapter 4. Determining Which Contract Lobbyist May Be Right for You
Chapter 5. Finding the Right Contract Lobbyist
Chapter 6. Engaging a Contract Lobbyist
Chapter 7. Negotiating and Managing Fees
Chapter 8. How to Be an Effective Client
Chapter 9. Understanding Lawmakers
Chapter 10. Which Lawmakers to Lobby
Chapter 11. When Facts Matter and When They Don't
Chapter 12. Power and Corruption
Chapter 13. Ethics Laws for Lawmakers, Lobbyists, and Clients
Chapter 14. Campaign Contributions
Chapter 15. Lobbying Special Interests and Coalitions
Chapter 16. Lobbying Legislative Staff
Chapter 17. Lobbying Executive Agencies
Chapter 18. Lobbying Legislators
Chapter 19. Lobbying the Governor
Chapter 20. Evaluating Contract Lobbyist's and Principal Representative's Job Performance
Chapter 21. Lobbying Executive Agencies before Rulemaking

1. Solicitation of Statement of Interest
2. Request for Proposal to Provide Lobbying Services (RFP)
3. Letters of Engagement
4. Scope of Work
5. Principal-Lobbyist Understanding of Relationship
6. Contract Lobbyist Performance Evaluation
7. Principal's Representative Performance Evaluation