Clients' Guide to Lobbying and Lobbyists (Expected Publication 12/1/15)
(Working Index)

- Clients' Guide to Lobbying and Lobbyists
- Overview of the Clients' Guide
- Thanks to many
- A word to contract lobbyists

Chapter 1
- Why lobby?
- Whom will you lobby?
- Why would government officials listen to you and your lobbyist?

Chapter 2
- Why contract lobbyists?
- Do you need help at all?
- What power you already have
- Non-registered government affairs consultants-the "unlobbyists"
- Registered contract lobbyists
- What a lobbyist doesn't offer
- What a lobbyist offers
- Administrative agency lobbyists
- What role do you want each to play?
- Pressures on lobbyists

Chapter 3
- The context in which you and your lobbyist will work
- Understanding lawmakers and the legislature
- How lawmakers got to the state capital
- What lawmakers find at the state capital
- So who and what runs the state capital?
- What happens to lawmakers when they get the state capital?
- Lawmakers are"not like you"
- Is the lawmaker playing you and your contract lobbyist?
- Driving the process of lawmaking
- The legislative process is logical but hardly rational
- The agency process is logical and rational
- Some lawmakers are not worth your time-but their supporters are
- But rare circumstances do occur-rarely
- One lawmaker's angst with lobbyists
- Ethics rules for lawmakers, lobbyists and clients
- State mandated ethics - lobbyist to lawmakers
- State mandated ethics - lobbyist to client
- Professional lobbyists' association ethics
- State mandated ethics - lobbyist to client
- State mandated ethics - clients to lawmakers
- It is your duty to not lead your lawmaker into ethics trouble him
- Is the lawmaker being honest with you?

Chapter 4
- Finding the right contract lobbyist
- Your preferred contract lobbyist
- Be cautious in hiring these types of lobbyists
- Contract lobbyist litmus tests
- Errors and Omission Insurance
- The wrong lobbyist foisted upon you
- Negotiating terms and fees of the agreement
- All fees are negotiable
- Payment of fees
- Steps to engaging a lobbyist
- The right client for the right contract lobbyist
- The wrong client for the right contract lobbyist
- Candor from lobbyists
- Opponents' lobbyists
- Your own lobbyist
- Engaging the lobbyist
- Rebid your contract every two years

Chapter 5
- Working with your contract lobbyist
- Foundation of client-contract lobbyist relationship
- Evaluating performance
- Steps in Contract Lobbyist Job Performance Evaluation
- Replacing your lobbyist
- Don't be afraid to fire a lobbyist

Chapter 6
- Summary