Engineering THE LAW, Inc. equips people with the knowledge and skills to effectively advocate their issues before state legislatures and executive agencies. Hundreds of organizations, corporations, public interest groups, and individuals have increased their chances of winning in the state legislature by using our materials. It would be our privilege to assist you in your legislative efforts by sharing with you methods developed over years of lobbying in state houses across the United States. We are also available to help you design and implement your own state lobbying campaign.

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Robert L. Guyer established Engineering THE LAW, Inc. (ETL) in 1997 and serves as its President. Engineering THE LAW, Inc. increases the state lobbying capabilities of corporations, associations, and individuals through teaching the skills necessary for effective state government affairs.

Prior to establishing ETL, Mr. Guyer served in the law department of the Ralston Purina Company as Legislative Counsel and Assistant Director, State Government Affairs. He was Manager of Legislative Affairs for Energizer Power Systems, a subsidiary of Eveready Battery Company, Inc., Legislative Affairs Manager for Gates Energy Products, Inc., a subsidiary of Gates Rubber Company, and, as a contract lobbyist, Director of Legislative and Regulatory Affairs for the 501(c)(4), Rechargeable Battery Recycling Corporation.

He chaired the Legislative Committee of the Portable Rechargeable Battery Association (PRBA), an organization of the world’s top manufacturers of cordless electronics. He managed PRBA’s lobbying activities in 20 states and Washington, D.C.

Mr. Guyer authored Guide to State Legislative Lobbying, the textbook on effective state advocacy. Numerous individuals, associations, corporations, and universities use his book and materials for teaching and implementing successful advocacy.

As a partner in the Washington, D.C. law firm of Guyer, Bagby & Zimmerman, he specialized in environmental law and international product stewardship. He has personally lobbied successfully for laws or agency rules in numerous states, in Washington, D.C., and Canada. Other government affairs experience was gained in local government, electric utility industry, as an enforcement officer in a regulatory agency, and internationally.

As a visiting professor at Florida State University, Mr. Guyer developed and taught the graduate course Lobbying in the Masters program in Applied American Politics. He has lectured at universities including Harvard Medical School.

Twenty two states accredit or have accredited the seminar(s) for continuing legal education for attorneys. Other professional associations have accredited the seminars for continuing professional education.

Mr. Guyer holds Juris Doctor, Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering, and Bachelor of Arts degrees. He is admitted to the practice of law in Florida and the District of Columbia.

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Seminar Schedule/Registration

NEW Arkansas accredits seminar for 10.5 CLEs. Arkansas Society of Association Executives grants continuing education hours for December 17-18 Little Rock Lobby School.

NEW Florida accredits our seminar for 14 CLEs.

Mr. Guyer in 2015 will train one of America's premier labor unions in the Campaign Method for More Effective Government Affairs. He fervently believes better advocacy skills by everyone leads to better government overall. His sample client list demonstrates that virtually every kind of interest and persuasion uses his methodology.

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"While I am a lobbying veteran, the workshop and book provided me with a fresh perspective on advocacy. Mr. Guyer's clear structure and methodology for an effective lobbying campaign added to my own effectiveness with the legislature contributing to me being ranked one of the five best lobbyists in the state of Florida."
Desinda Wood Carper
Senior Legislative Advocate (former)
Florida League of Cities

Guide to State Legislative Lobbying 3rd ed. is now available in Kindle edition and expanding to other e-readers.

Hear Mr. Guyer's radio interview on effective state government advocacy.

Changing face of labor. The recent Chicago seminar underscored to me the changing face of union lobbying. Locals have attended despite at times nationals' opposition to non-union training. The locals' advocates learn collegially the same skills as those with whom they compete in the state legislature. Check our attendees list to see representative unions.

Mr. Guyer will provide 2-16 hour private on-site workshops customized to your issue presented at a time and place of your choosing. Previous custom-seminar clients are a Who's Who of state and national groups.

Want to build an effective state government affairs program from scratch? Want to evaluate your current program to determine where you can do better? Call me at 561 582 0501 for a free initial consultation.

"I wish I had your class years ago. Once I took it I knew exactly what wasn't right, why, and what needed to be fixed. As a result, we made some tough decisions and are much better for it. I highly recommend your Campaign Method."
Debra Hurston, Exec Director MN Chiropractic Assoc

Mr. Guyer presents one pro bono training per year to a 501(c)(3) charity. Such groups have included mental health, sexual assault survivors, drop-out prevention, others. Contact him if your group would like to be his 2015 pro bono training.

"Bob Guyer's course contributed substantially to my lifelong study of advocacy and was the best CLE accredited course that I have taken, bar none, in my 39 years as a government relations consultant."
Ron Kuehn, Esq
DeWitt Ross & Stevens S.C.
Madison, WI

Workbook for Introducing The Campaign Method for More Effective State Government Affairs

Campaign Method Brochure

Annotated Reading List for Lobbying Practitioners

Fun, Instructive, and Interesting Lobbying "War" Stories

Have a good lobbying story? Send it to me for the instruction or humor for all of us practicing the profession.

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