Campaign Method for More Effective State Government Affairs
3 books by Robert L. Guyer

Guide to State Legislative Lobbying is no longer in print. It is being replaced by:

Campaign Method for More Effective State Government Affairs - Legislative Lobbying This book has been sent out for peer review and should be available by September, 2015.

Campaign Method for More Effective State Government Affairs - Agency Lobbying This book will be written Summer 2015

The Campaign Method books are for those who will create and implement their own lobbying campaign.

Clients' Guide to Contract Lobbyists and Lobbying. This book has been peer reviewed and will be sent to the publisher May 2015. It should be ready for purchase July 2015.

Clients' Guide to Contract Lobbyists and Lobbying is written for those whose lobbying efforts will be done through contract lobbyists. It will help clients and contract lobbyists to work more effectively together.

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The Campaign Method for More Effective State Government Affairs

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SOON "Client's Guide to Contract Lobbyists and Lobbying", for and by employers of contract lobbyists and lobbyists. Robert L Guyer editor I thank the many contract lobbyists and their employers for their contributions to this book.

NEW Mr. Guyer in April trained one of America's premier labor unions in the Campaign Method for More Effective Government Affairs. My methodology is very different, even dissonant, from than that used by this union. With 69 of 99 legislative chambers in Republican hands, more "right-to-work" states, and union membership aging and numerically plummeting, unions have to adapt their lobbying methods. I hope they will use some of what I gave them - despite being very different from how they have always done it.

The Lobby School provides 2-16 hour private on-site workshops customized to your issue presented at a time and place of your choosing. Previous custom-seminar clients are a Who's Who of state and national groups.

NEW Minnesota accredits seminar for 11.5 CLEs; Florida accredits for 14 CLEs; Arkansas for 10.5 CLEs; Arkansas Society of Association Executives for 10.5 CE hours.

Mr. Guyer presents one pro bono training per yea to a 501(c)(3) charity. Such groups have included mental health, sexual assault survivors, drop-out prevention, others. Contact him if your group would like to be his 2015 pro bono training.

Sample Lobbying Fundamentals (2015)

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