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The Lobby School was founded to enable its participants to improve their chances of changing their states' legal environments.
A state legislature can either enrich you or impoverish you; it can prevent or permit your actions and those of others. Which are you going to let happen? We can help you get an appropriation or legislation to advance your group�s interests or disadvantage a key competitor. You do not have to accept the status quo.

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For most practical purposes, a legislature can do whatever it wants, to you or for you.
Our custom lobbying skills seminars can be built around your issues and given at a time and place of your convenience. We have trained corporations, associations, and ad hoc coalitions, employees and association members, with skills that have brought them success with legislators and executive agencies.

  • We will help you gain an objective evaluation of your lobbying situation.
  • Suggestions for developing a legislative plan to deal with your particular situation.
  • Receive a FREE summary of the points a lobbyist needs to know.
  • There is no commitment, just a quick conversation to overview your needs and to see where we can assist you.

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The Campaign Method for More Effective State Government Affairs

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See Chapter 1 of our seminar workbook

SOON "Client's Guide to Contract Lobbyists and Lobbying", for and by employers of contract lobbyists and lobbyists. Robert L Guyer editor I thank the many contract lobbyists and their employers for their contributions to this book.

SOON "Campaign Method for More Effective State Government Affairs - Volume 1 Legislative Lobbying" is nearing completion. This much more comprehensive book will replace "Guide to State Legislative Lobbying" as our primary book for legislative skills training.

SOON Writing of "Campaign Method for More Effective State Government Affairs - Volume 2 Executive Agency Lobbying" begins this summer.

NEW The Lobby School will be in Boston giving a skills-training to one of the most up-and-coming law-lobby firms in the US.

NEW Mr. Guyer in 2015 will train one of America's premier labor unions in the Campaign Method for More Effective Government Affairs.

The Lobby School provides 2-16 hour private on-site workshops customized to your issue presented at a time and place of your choosing. Previous custom-seminar clients are a Who's Who of state and national groups.

NEW Florida accredits seminar for 14 CLEs; Arkansas for 10.5 CLEs; Arkansas Society of Association Executives for 10.5 CE hours.

Mr. Guyer presents one pro bono training per year to a 501(c)(3) charity. Such groups have included mental health, sexual assault survivors, drop-out prevention, others. Contact him if your group would like to be his 2015 pro bono training.

Sample Lobbying Fundamentals (2015)

How to Influence State Legislators and Regulatory Agencies
From The Physician Executive

Before You Sue
Real world observations of litigation gone bad

Mobilizing for Reform American Osteopathic Assoc