Guide to State Legislative Lobbying 3rd Ed (2007)
by Robert L. Guyer

Guide to State Legislative Lobbying was written to increase your chances of winning in your legislature or state assembly. Packed into 240 pages are practical experience, tips, and a systematic approach to state and local legislative campaigning, including:
  • Constitutional, Judicial, and Historical Bases
  • Assessing Your Chances of Success
  • Developing the Lobbying Campaign
  • Hiring and Working with Contract Lobbyists
  • Negotiation
  • Legislative Procedure
  • Lobbying Visits to Legislators and Staff
  • Succeeding with Legislative Committees
  • The Rest of the Session and Post-Session
  • 10 flow charts
  • IRS Letter Confirming that Charities May Lobby
  • How Working in Election Campaigns Can Help Achieve Lobbying Goals
  • Annotated Suggested Other Readings
  • 25 Fundamentals for Successful State Lobbying
  • Agenda for 2-day Lobbyist Training Seminar
  • Glossary of commonly used legislative terms
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The Third Edition (2007) of Guide to State Legislative Lobbying expands upon several key elements from earlier editions. 501(c)(3) charitable organizations will find more help to protect their IRS tax-exempt status. Material has been added to help readers, especially charitable organizations, to answer two often avoided legal questions: Is my legislative activity "lobbying" per state statute and, if so, must I register as a lobbyist and thus conform to state ethics laws? State statutes define that conduct that qualifies statutorily as "lobbying" regardless of one's preferring to call actions "educating" or "informing" or "just visting."

Working in election campaigns can be a valuable way to influence lawmakers. We have added a new section that helps to answer the question, "Can working in an election campaign help me achieve my legislative goals?" Coauthored with election campaign manager Roger Austin, we offer suggestions on answering key questions including: Why work in an election campaign? Which candidate should I work for? What kind of support can be given? What can I do for the candidate? What is the value of my face time with the candidate and his or her family and staff? What are the rewards of working as a campaign volunteer?

"Effective Lobbying is Getting Votes" subtitled "25 Fundamentals for Successful State Lobbying" lists 25 truths about state lobbying including; Facts don't vote; 80-90 per cent of the legislature is irrelevant to the success or failure of your bill; and effective lobbying rests upon your complying with three sets of rules: 1) written 2) unwritten and 3) unwritten and unspoken - violate any of the various rules and your credibilty suffers.

The 3rd edition of Guide to State Legislative Lobbying is now an even surer source of dependable advice, skills, techniques and strategies for reliable guidance for novices as well as experienced lobbyists.

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SOON "Client's Guide to Contract Lobbyists and Lobbying", for and by employers of contract lobbyists and lobbyists. Robert L Guyer editor I thank the many contract lobbyists and their employers for their contributions to this book.

SOON "Campaign Method for More Effective State Government Affairs - Volume 1 Legislative Lobbying" has been sent to peer reviewers, including legislative staff, agency staff, and contract and association lobbyists. This much more comprehensive book will replace "Guide to State Legislative Lobbying" as our primary book for legislative lobbying training.

SOON Writing of "Campaign Method for More Effective State Government Affairs - Volume 2 Executive Agency Lobbying" begins this summer.

NEW The Lobby School will be in Boston giving a skills-training to one of the most up-and-coming law-lobby firms in the US.

NEW Mr. Guyer in April trained one of America's premier labor unions in the Campaign Method for More Effective Government Affairs. My methodology is very different, even dissonant, from than that used by this union. With 69 of 99 legislative chambers in Republican hands, more "right-to-work" states, and union membership aging and numerically plummeting, unions have to adapt their lobbying methods. I hope they will use some of what I gave them - despite being very different from how they have always done it.

The Lobby School provides 2-16 hour private on-site workshops customized to your issue presented at a time and place of your choosing. Previous custom-seminar clients are a Who's Who of state and national groups.

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Mr. Guyer presents one pro bono training per yea to a 501(c)(3) charity. Such groups have included mental health, sexual assault survivors, drop-out prevention, others. Contact him if your group would like to be his 2015 pro bono training.

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